Business Law

At Marek & Lanker, LLP we thrive on dealing with start ups.  Individuals that have the passion and guts to start a business are always welcome.  We provide advice to ongoing and transitional companies as well.  We take a goal-oriented approach to business and counsel you on options that will help you meet those goals.  We counsel on creating a plan to keep businesses sustainable and to ensure that a business owner’s personal and professional goals remain consistent with each other.

Start-Up Companies

  • Tax/Liability Issues
  • Diverse Asset Holdings
  • LLCs
  • Corporations
  • Joint Ventures
  • Review Business Plans

Ongoing Companies

  • General Advice
  • Employment Agreements
  • Tax Options

Business Transactions

  • Transitional Companies
  • Changing Business Parameters
  • Coordination between Business Planning and Estate Planning
  • Purchase and Sale of Companies